Xinhui Bright Way Textiles Ltd, is a professional weaving mill specialized in the production of denim, which is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong province, in the sufficient facility equipped with two full ranges of imported dyeing and sizing machines, weaving looms, a sanforising Producing 20 million yards per year which total sales amount is over used 10 billion annually. Currently we export our denim to North and South America, Eastern and countries. With over 30 years of experience on denim production and market rends items, we are honor to be appreciated by our valued customers.

        Core line of products includes all kinds of denims and twill fabric (All Cotton, Stretch, Ramie Cotton, Tencel, Metallic, etc.) Color includes Super Dark Indigo,Dark Indigo, Light Indigo, Sulphur Black and Colorful series. We also provide different kinds of finishing, which includes Desizing, Mercerization, Coating, Gold & Silver Foil Printing, Resin, Width Setting, Heat Setting.

      Operations & management: "the best is not exist, only better " is our company mission, which can be shown in our continuous growing up & renewal on equipments, 7-smodel applied on factory management, prompt & through customer service, strong R&D and conscientious control on product quality.

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