Commitments on faithfulness
1£®Security: we will keep our promise and will not provide or sell any items, which are developped together with your company, to third party.
2£® Consistency on materials: for the items approved by your company, we will not change any production requirements or materials unless agreed by your company.
3£®Openness: all the data during development process, if your company requests, can be provided to your company.
4£®Openness on product means production requirments & materials, if your company requests, we will co-operate and uncover all related information to your company.

Commitments on R&D
1£®R&D: we will provide some new developments to your company seasonally and regularly.
2£®Period: for every R&D; request from your company, we will provide the development within 14 days.
3£®For all R&D, we will co-operate with your company and give full support.
4£®We will not expose any R&D; from your company to other companies.

Commitments on services
1£®We will assign person in charge to ensure services to your company will be easier & more efficient.
2£®Regardless of the size of order, even under 3,000yds, we will strictly control and treat as bulk order.
3£®We will aim at fulfilling customer's requirment and give full support to our valued customers.

Commitments on products
1£®For every order, we will ensure defect rate is not more than 25 pts per 100 sq. Yard . (based on 4 pts system, will be Grade ¡°A¡± product)
2£®Based on grey scale of color change, whole order will be within range of 4 to 5.5.
3£®We ensure there will not have more than 4 shade lots inside every shipment.
4£®Production leadtime: normal production leadtime will be 30 to 35 days, if any special request for sooner delivery, we will fight for it.
5£®Shadily group information, headend and shipment sample of every shipment will be provided to your company 2 days before delivery.
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